How we started and the service we offer:

Estienne Simon founded Your Salesman in 2019 which he started as an “on behalf sales” business idea – selling clients’ cars on behalf of them. As the business started evolving in 2020, by chatting to clients we learnt about the pain points, and adapted our idea to offer a direct buying service to the New Zealand public. It is all about offering a quick, easy, and simple way for clients (you) to sell your car directly to us.

Our strategy

Offering a quick, simple and reliable way for you to sell your car directly to us.

How it works to sell your car to us:

Complete our non-obligation estimation application form on our ‘Sell your Car’ page, which takes about three minutes.

Once we receive your application, we will send you an estimated offer within two working hours, or 24 hours at the absolute latest. Should you wish to proceed, you can reply to your text to schedule an appointment for a car evaluation, or directly contact one of our Buyers to schedule an evaluation at your preferred location (home/work).

Once the evaluation is complete we communicate a final offer to you on the spot, which is based on our estimated offer and any applicable reconditioning costs.

If you accept the final offer we pay immediately, do all the paperwork (change of ownership) and take the vehicle.

Why us

  • We are reliable and trustworthy. We have helped hundreds of people sell their vehicles the easy way, and they have given us great reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot. Your Salesman is a Registered Motor Vehicle Dealer; RMVT no. M388851.
  • Quick, easy, and effortless process.
  • Immediate payment and we take care of all the paperwork (Change of Ownership).
  • Our team is friendly and pride themselves on offering a professional service of excellent quality.

Background on the team

  • Estienne (Founder) has eight years of employment experience at Mercedes Benz, in South Africa and New Zealand. He was awarded Top Salesman of the year which gave him and his wife Lisa the opportunity to visit Mercedes Benz in Germany. He has learnt all about the industry from this experience which has equipped him to pursue and drive Your Salesman.
  • Lisa is our Internal Auditor and advises Estienne through the compliance and regulatory aspects of the business.
  • Jolene joined our team in March 2021 as our Accountant, and is responsible for our finance function. She worked for Mercedes Benz, building experience and knowledge in the car industry.
  • Xavier joined our team in November 2021 as our Digital Media Manager. He is responsible for digital media and IT.